VVPONMEIQS Ride On Car Children’s Two-seat Electric Car Children Riding Four-Wheel Off-Road Can Sit Adult Baby Ride On Vehicles Remote Control Car Kids Swing Oversized Toys Christmas Birthday Present


Price: $1,725.84
(as of Jan 18,2022 02:15:13 UTC – Details)

★ Foot start / brake: start the brake integrated anti-slip design is more secure.
★ Comfortable safety seat: It is more comfortable to sit comfortably and the seat belt is safer to protect your baby.
★ Multi-function console: Innovative central control panel providing rich knowledge of early education entertaining and entertaining let the baby win at the starting line intelligent multi-function early education music player give the baby more companionship.
★ Non-slip tires: Non-slip tires are more durable widened and thicker safer with spring buffers and the baby is more stable and safe.
★ Domineering head: strong simulation anti-collision bar protect the car body simulate the steering wheel with stereo music horn button

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Adrenaline Rush With Electronic Catch Phrase Game


Are you uninterested in the boring and not-so-challenging occasion video games that you would be able to purchase in shops? Why not attempt the brand new digital catchphrase sport that can check your skill in guessing phrases and phrases collectively along with your teammates? This new occasion sport will provide you with and your group hours of enjoyment and pleasure.

The digital catchphrase sport is a celebration sport that can improve your creativity in giving clues so that your crew can guess the hidden phrase or phrase. Other than this, teamwork can even be enhanced since your crew ought to have a deliberate technique to win the sport. You can do no matter what you need simply to present clues to your crew, besides giving phrases that rhyme the hidden phrase or phrase and giving the primary letter in addition to saying the variety of syllables of the mysterious phrases or phrase.

The objective of this occasion sport is to guess the phrase in sooner and keep away from reaching the buzzer sound. This makes the gamers take care of the adrenaline rush and at a similar time give the right guesses so that the crew will get the purpose. It’s a matter of coordinating along with your different teammates and making yourself targeted on guessing the phrase or phrase underneath time stress. That is the rationale why this catchphrase sport could be very difficult and enjoyable.

The gadget has an LCD that exhibits the phrase or phrase to be guessed, and there are buttons for timer and rating projects for the groups. This makes the gadget very simple to make use of and requires lesser time in working the gadget.

There are completely different classes to select from. Your group can select tech/innovations, historical past, leisure, sports activities or video games, geography, transportation, meals or drink, vegetation or animals, and household. To offer extra pleasure to the sport, you too can select the class ‘all the things’ that incorporates all of the phrases and phrases within the gadget. There are over 10,000 phrases and phrases to guess. The digital catchphrase sport has second and third editions which have extra phrases and phrases to guess and provide extra thrilling video games for the entire group. This occasion sport is ideal for people who find themselves 12 years previous and above and could be performed with 4 gamers or extra. Since this occasion sport is fast-paced, it would solely take 10 to fifteen minutes to mess around. Give yourself a break and purchase this new occasion sport.


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Safety in Your Home For Your Holiday Hound

Goodness how time flies. It does not seem possible that the holidays are nearly here once again. With the holidays arrives family, friends, food, decorations and of course gifts! What actually got me thinking about the impending holidays was the thought of dragging my tree upstairs, putting it up and the reality that we have a new “puppy toddler” in our home.

Consider, My babies are well into their teens and our third youngster, Rodeo – a VERY spoiled Border Collie, will be four years old on Christmas Day and the cat is just about ten. So for a great many years, we have not had to think about “kiddie/dog proofing” the household.

However, a few weeks ago, we adopted a new family member from a rescue shelter. Her name is Maddie and she is a Border Collie Mix and is about one year old. She’s the most angelic little girl but like any rescue pup, she has some “issues”. We are working with her to give her the much needed training she has been denied but many days the puppy in her just gets the better of her. Lol

Honestly, I can just visualize her attacking the Christmas tree as if she’s a lineman who has a direct shot at the quarterback for the winning play! Believe me when I say there isn’t anything this dog can’t chew up or destroy if she sets her mind to it. To her credit, she is responding beautifully to her training and learning quickly to what is and isn’t permitted. She’s a genuinely great dog who has already stolen my heart.

After the Christmas tree nightmare in my head, I started thinking of the loads of other potential dangers that I need to be looking at as I set my home up this year and I want to share them with you.

For starters, it’s not going to be beneficial to leave packages around the bottom of the tree for them to access. For one thing, the wrappings and bows can be a choking hazard but you must also look at what might be inside the gifts. Your dog could possibly eat it, drink it, destroy it or Lord only knows what else! So either find a stand to set the gifts on or simply keep them up in the closet till time to unwrap them.

As well as the Christmas tree, you had better also think about the plants that are frequently used for decorating in our homes during the holidays. I know each year we receive at least one Poinsettia as a gift and those can really upset your dog’s stomach. The same goes for holly leaves, berries and mistletoe but mistletoe can actually cause their heart to collapse. Therefore plants should be left up on the counter tops or tables where your dog cannot reach them.

Don’t forget about small things like batteries for toys, tape, string, staples and what I refer to as all of the “smelly good stuff”. What am I talking about? You know how they sell plug-ins, scented beads, scented candles, scented everything, just keep it up and out of reach.

The other category of small things is decorative. Items such as tinsel, ornaments, hooks for ornaments, candy from the tree, bulbs from the lights, electrical cords and ornamental strings of beads. Altogether these can be extreme choking and or sharp cutting hazards. They can also cause a bowel obstruction in your dog which would necessitate surgery to remove.

If you are like we are, you pretty much bring your dog(s) with you if you travel for any prolonged period of time. I mean they are part of the family. Even so, Christmas time can just be nuts with so many new people and loud toys that they can really make your dog uncomfortable and exceedingly anxious.

In some circumstances it may be advisable to look at either leaving them at home or placing them in a separate room where it would be calm and less hectic. You would not want to put your dog in the position where they felt threatened and unintentionally nipped somebody out of fear. It’s just a unfavorable situation all of the way around.

In closing, it’s particularly crucial to try to stick to your dog’s routine as much as possible. Try to make sure they have their food and water as you would usually serve it. Avoid giving them any scraps or unusual foods off of the table. These are prime targets for stomach upset and diarrhea. If you generally put them to bed or out to potty at certain times, keep that routine going. If it’s hectic set a timer on your watch or cell phone to remind yourself. This will help prevent any accidents. It will also keep them less agitated to have a familiar routine.

Last but certainly not least, Make certain that your dog has a good quality collar on that has CURRENT identification information. I would make the suggestion that you consider investing in an embroidered collar with their name and a phone number. I personally use my cell phone number on my dog’s collars. That way if they would get loose and I’m out looking for them, if someone calls, they will be calling my cell phone. Don’t forget to add their tags from the vet and any registration tags and that way you know there is complete contact information.

Most important, just make certain you both savor and enjoy the holidays. Remember to spend quality time with your dog during the holidays and don’t forget their gifts!

The holidays are all about family, friends, fun and food – but occasionally it’s easy to forget about holiday safety for your dog. We all want our dogs to be part of the celebration, but there are some important guidelines to follow. Keep your dog safe this holiday season – no one wants their holiday celebration to wind up at the veterinary emergency clinic!

Source by Michelle Houser

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Consistent Reaction Time is Key For Drag Racing

As most Drag Racers know, “cutting a good light” can be the difference between winning and losing.

The racer with the best reaction time has a huge advantage. That is why many Drag Racers spend so much time working and practicing on their starts. Some of the top Drag Racers go to special facilities where they work on eye – hand coordination to get an advantage over their competition.

But there is more to getting your drag car off the line quicker and more consistently than your opponent than just eye-hand coordination. You have to also take in account all the details which make up the Total Reaction Time.

First, here’s a little background: The typical Drag Racing starting line “Christmas tree” consists of staging lights (which let you, the driver, know your car is at the starting line), 3 yellow lights and the 1 green “Go” light. The lights count down yellow, yellow, yellow, then green with 0.5 seconds between them, 2 seconds total. Because a typical Total Reaction Time is about 0.5 seconds, most Drag Racers use the last yellow light as their signal to go (release the clutch or trans brake switch). Then by the time the car actually gets going, the green light is On. If you wait to see the green light, you’re actually 0.5 seconds late. However, if YOUR actual Total Reaction Time is 0.499 seconds instead of the 0.5 seconds between the last yellow and green, your leave too soon by .001 seconds, “Red Light” and loose.A CRITICAL aspect of any Practice Tree is understanding all the “delay times” which make up the Total Reaction Time. Total Reaction Time is the time from the light(s) turning On on the Tree and the car uncovering the Staging Beam, starting the ET timer. Total Reaction Time is made up of: Your human body’s reaction time to the lights, your Vehicle’s Response Time, the RollOut time, and any electronic delay box delay time. Your vehicle’s Response time from you giving it a signal (ex.releasing the transbrake button) and the vehicle actually starting to move. This can be made up of tire sidewall, suspension and driveline “wrap up”, fluid delays in the transmission or linkage motion in a clutch car. The “RollOut time” which is the time required to roll out from the staging position to uncovering the light which starts the ET timer. If you uncover this light before the green light, you “red light” and lose.

Given all of the variables and delays that go into Drag Racing reaction time it is not enough to practice “just” your human reaction time. You must understand the effect of all the other reaction times and how they effect Total Reaction Time. For example, if your human reaction time is too slow, perhaps you can stage deeper or change your car’s front tire diameter to reduce the RollOut time to compensate.

There are many online Practice Trees out there but they have very limited options. There are also some actual miniature Practice Trees with lights and buttons, and even full size trees, but most of these are rather expensive. Plus if you would like to keep track of your progress you have even fewer options.

That is why many people prefer computer programs that have many options to give you a more “flexible” Practice Tree. Many Practice Tree programs have options for Vehicle Delay and RollOut Time. Some even let you go into details like changing staging depth, front tire stagger and diameter to see the effect on RollOut time. Plus since it is on a computer you can hook up hand switches or foot pedals for a more realistic feel. And computers are good at recording data so you can keep track of your progress for future analysis.

Source by Kevin Gertgen

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Oster 5712 Electronic Food Steamer

The Oster 5712 electronic food steamer is a 6-quart steamer that works instantly. It is a 2-tier steamer that lets you steam more than one dish at a time.

The device comes with a 3.8 quart and 2.3 quart bowl and collapsible steamer trays that are easy to clean. The larger bowl has an 8 egg holder for cooking soft or hard cooked eggs.

It comes with an external water filling system with a see-through container that lets you see if the reservoir is full or not. This makes sure that the machine never runs out of water for steaming. The steamer comes with an LCD display and a 95 minute timer. You can also set it to start steaming after 12 hours.

The Oster 5712 also lets you keep pre-cooked food warm while you prepare other dishes. The unit measures 14″ x 9-1/2″ x 10″ and weighs about 6 pounds. Oster is backed up by decades of experience in appliances and kitchen electronics, and produces quality kitchen tools.


A number of people said that they like the way the steamer can keep food fresh and warm as they prepare other dishes for dinner. The steamer can also be timed to steam and cook meals 12 hours before. You can prepare food before you leave for work and then come back to hot steamed fish or vegetable dish when you get back home.

Some people also use the Oster 5712 electronic food steamer as a defroster instead of using the microwave which removes about 90% of the nutrients in food. Many users have found the timer a very helpful tool. It is also, according to many buyers, quite affordable. People who like to eat steamed fish, Asian foods and dumplings, and vegetables will enjoy using this steamer. It is also capable of steaming enough food for a family of 5.

The Oster 5712 electronic food steamer is easy to clean and you won’t have to deal with a lot of dirty and greasy pots and pans anymore. Many health conscious people prefer steaming food than cooking with oil. The Oster 5712 makes it possible to do this without much hassle on your part. Aside from steaming meats, chicken, vegetables and fish, you can also cook Asian foods like dumplings and steam rice perfectly.


Some reviews said that the plastic parts started to break due to high heat, and the drip tray under the food is also difficult to handle since it does not come with a handle. If they try to remove the dirty condensed steam on the tray, you could get your kitchen counter pretty messy.

The drip tray, according to some users have a tendency of getting full before the food is fully cooked. Others also said that it is a bit difficult to clean up especially if eggs break in the steamer.

Aside from a few hitches, the Oster 5712 electronic food steamer can cook almost anything, can reheat food, steam shellfish, and cook dumplings and rice. It can even warm sauces without burning it. This steamer presents a number of healthier ways to cook food other than frying and microwaving food.

Source by David Drofdoow

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ZQSM Transformers Toys, 5IN1 Transformation G1 MMC Predaking Feral Rex Predacons Oversize Upgrade Edition Action Figure Robot Toys


Price: $1,601.34
(as of Jan 18,2022 02:15:13 UTC – Details)

– Deformation toys: restore the shape, surprise in workmanship, and clearly visible head details.
– High-quality materials: Using high-quality ABS environmentally friendly materials, odorless and pollution-free.
– Precise and meticulous model structure, fine production process, the depiction of characters is vivid.
– Nice gift: It’s best choice gift for the birthday festivals and holidays, easter day, children’s day, halloween, thanksgiving, christmas & new year, etc.
-The transformation is super easy, not only the toy car, but also the robot, you can turn it into an action character, and the exploration process can improve the child’s ability to control.

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Learn Magic Tricks


My daughter has at all times discovered magic fascinating. She needed to study magic tips, it began when she noticed Greg Wiggle attempt to pull a rabbit out of his hat on the Wiggles’ tv present. This Christmas I gave her a magic package so that she may begin doing a little easy tip. Although her curiosity in that is on and off, she has discovered to do a couple of easy tips on her personal. Simply after I assume she has had sufficient she comes again for an increasing number of.

Magic Methods- Takes Extra Than Simply Abilities

Any of us can study magic tips, however, it’s one thing it’s a must to work at. It takes extra ability than you assume, and never all people will have the ability to do it nicely. The easy tips could be taught, however, if you wish to study magic tips that are intricate and complex, it’s a must to spend a while on them. For those who do not assume you’ve gotten the knack for it, start with a couple of less complicated ones to see how good you will get. You are likely to be shocked to see after a bunch of steady observe.

The artwork of Magic is about sleight of hand and quite a lot of redirection. This stuff requires coordination and timing. If you’re always dropping issues, you will have a tough time studying magic tips. You want to have focus and observe till you’re sick of every trick. That’s if you turn out to be good although, and that’s when your ardor could also be reignited. Though anybody can study a couple of magic tips, really passionate individuals are those who can grasp the difficult and breathtaking tips.

Magic Methods – As for Assist On-line

If you’d like to assist to study magic tips, you possibly can search online. The issue with that’s that many of the magicians hold their secrets and techniques carefully guarded. There could be no thriller to magic if each element of the trick have been already public information. If you wish to study extra advanced magic tips, it’s a must to discover a magician who’s prepared to show you and share their secrets and techniques with you. This is not going to occur until you present an eager curiosity when desirous to study magic tips, and the strongest want to see issues past. It is difficult, they usually do not need to practice somebody who’s going to be uninterested in it inside a couple of weeks.


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BERG Toys X-Cross Pedal Go Kart,BFR-3


Price: $1,514.10
(as of Jan 18,2022 02:15:13 UTC – Details)

Very robust frame making it even suitable for professional use.
Grows with you due to the adjustable saddle.
The pneumatic tires ensure extra comfort.
The four wheels and swing axle keep you grounded firmly and safely.

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