SPLD Drone with Camera Foldable GPS FPV Drone with 6K HD Camera Live Video for Beginners, RC Quadcopter w(Outdoor Drone Games)(Black)


Price: $1,432.99
(as of Feb 28,2022 23:23:49 UTC – Details)

6K camera 5G FPV real-time transmission: clearer images and videos can be generated and transmitted in high quality. In addition, it offers a wide field of vision and provides a visual highlight. Real-time FPV (first person) broadcast can broadcast l
3000M range/30 minutes of flight time: Thanks to the 1400 mAh high-performance battery, the drone has a long flight time of up to 25-30 minutes. Thanks to the range of 3000 m, a breathtaking flight experience is made possible and you don’t have to wo
GPS drone : Using the built-in GPS positioning system, you can easily read and determine the position of the drone. It also enables an automatic return. In addition, the drone is able to follow the GPS signal of your smartphone while you are recordin
Compact stable: The drone housing is made of a high-strength, low-wear, light and durable plastic. Thanks to the intelligent and foldable wing design, the drone is easy to store and transport, and still offers excellent flight performance.High quality service: It offers you high quality service. If you have any questions after receiving the goods, please contact us in good time. We will reply you within 24 hours.

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SPLD Drone with Camera Foldable Drone with 1080P HD Camera FPV WiFi RC Quadcopter, Gesture Control, Traje(Outdoor Drone)


Price: $1,432.99
(as of Feb 28,2022 22:19:36 UTC – Details)

[3D Foldable Drone] This It drone with foldable arms is versatile and convenient to use. With Foldable Design: 8 * 13.8 * 6cm, it is compact, light and cheap, much better for travel and can be transported in the motorhome.[108P HD camera & FPV image transmission] The It drone is equipped with a 120 ° wide-angle 1080P HD camera and the lens of this drone can be adjusted manually. You can manually adjust the lens of this drone (up or down) , to take high quality video a
[Longer flight times and more flight fun] The It drone is supplied with two modular 900mAh batteries. The flight time of each battery of the drone can reach 14-16 minutes, making your flight more exciting and extending fun.[Trajectory control] The latest technology: when you draw a trajectory on your mobile phone screen, the drone will automatically fly according to the route.[Best Customer Service] This drone has many features and is easy to use, great for beginners and kids. If you have any questions, please contact us and we are always at your disposal.

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SPLD Drone with Camera Drone with Camera 1080P HD Camera Drone FPV Live Video and GPS Auto Return Compact(Outdoor Drone Games)(Black)


Price: $1,432.99
(as of Feb 28,2022 21:16:20 UTC – Details)

1080P HD Camera with Gesture Control : The high quality camera can take photos (1920 * 1080P) and video (1280 * 720P), and also the camera can be triggered by gestures, which is much more convenient to take a picture or video. SD card not required.&l
Friendly for Beginners : This drone has automatic altitude hold, one key take-off / landing, headless mode, emergency stop, 3D flips that ensure easy control and fun. A perfect gift for beginners or newbies to have an easy and stable flying experienc
Great fun factor: The RC quadcopter can also be easily controlled via the app on the mobile phone. The intelligent gesture control, flight path, 360 ° flip and gravity control etc. can be activated via APP, with which you can perform very interesting
Perfect boarding drone: headless mode, emergency stop, automatic altitude control, one-key take-off / landing and the already fully assembled mini drone with camera make the flight easier for beginners and big playful children. A cheap entry-level dr
100% satisfaction guarantee: We love our customers and trust our products. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, please contact us directly. We offer you a quick response and nice support to the best of our ability.

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SPLD Drones with 2-Axis Gimbal Quadcopter, Drone with 4K Rotatable Camera, 1200M HD Video Transmission, 5(Outdoor Drone Games)(White)


Price: $1,432.99
(as of Feb 28,2022 20:11:25 UTC – Details)

[4K rotatable camera]drone has a 4K camera with a rotatable function, and is equipped with a 10-channel standard remote control, which is accurate, responsive, and dazzling LED indicator design. Two color indicator lights are for the flight of the ai
[Two-axis brushless mechanical stabilization gimbal]GPS drone is equipped with a 2-axis gimbal, which has a longer transmission distance, and can remotely aust the angle from 0° to 90°. At the same time, it is equipped with a precise damping layout t
[5G WIFI high-definition image transmission]drones aerial images are transmitted through 5G WIFI high-definition images, and the image transmission distance can reach 1000 meters, mg the image return clearer and faster, allowing you to have the visua
[Gesture recognition]The MINI UAV adopts an advanced gesture recognition system. It is located about 2 meters in front of the aircraft. After the aircraft successfully recognizes the gesture, it will automatically take pictures/videos. You can take p
[Intelligent positioning]UAV has 3 kinds of positioning functions, fixed height + optical flow module + GPS module positioning system, so that indoor and outdoor have a good hovering flight performance, and at the same time solve the trouble of the l

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SPLD Drone with 4k Dual-Camera Direction Fine-Tuning GPS One-Key Return to Headless Mode Face Recognition(Outdoor Drone Games)(Sanden Version,Black)


Price: $1,432.99
(as of Feb 28,2022 18:21:45 UTC – Details)

Intelligent obstacle avoidance: Adopting a new generation of multi-directional obstacle avoidance system, ignoring obstacles, mg flying more worry-free, 4K high-definition dual cameras, enough to let you create freely. 150m remote control distance, W
Intelligent hovering: Use air pressure technology to fly position, and maintain stable hovering, better control, better flying, better shooting.Beauty filters: There are multiple filters in the app, add them, and support beauty shots to make her more attractive50x zoom: 1-50x zoom for shooting, no fear of high-altitude telephoto lens adopts a new generation of lens zoom technology, through the remote control can zoom in and shoot the distant scene, so that you can see farther and clearer in situ.Trajectory flight: Click where you want to fly! Draw the trajectory you want to fly on the APP to realize automatic intelligent flight.

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SPLD Drone with Camera Mini Foldable Drone with 4K HD Camera FPV WiFi RC Quadcopter, Gesture Control, Tra(Outdoor Artifact)


Price: $1,433.10
(as of Feb 28,2022 16:41:10 UTC – Details)

4K EIS anti-shake camera: The EIS (electronic image stabilization) reduces blurring and ensures video quality. Pictures taken with the 4k camera (3840 x 2160) show much more details of precious moments. Videos recorded at 1080p @ 60fps / 4K @ 30fps a
Easy control: With the optical airflow and air pressure altitude control, the drone can hover stably both indoors and outdoors. At the same time, it has GPS positioning and automatic return, so you don’t have to worry about the drone flying away.
Advanced Flight Modes: The intelligent flight modes enable the drone to fly automatically. Freeing your hands for creativity and style, these intelligent flight modes include Follow Me, Tap Fly and Point of Interest.
46 min. Longer flight time: Each battery supports 23 min. Flight time, 2 batteries extend the flight time to 46 minutes. Less charging, more flies! With the included carrying case, you can easily take out the drone and store it.
Brushless motors: Brushless motors run more powerful and quieter than brush motors, which enables more stable and faster flight. They also have a longer service life and save you engine maintenance.

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XZRUK Drones with 4K Camera for Adults5G WiFi Quadcopter Brushless MotorGPS Return HomeFollow MeTrajectory Flight2 Batteries and Carrying CaseBlack3 x Battery(3 x Battery,White)


Price: $1,442.82
(as of Feb 28,2022 14:22:17 UTC – Details)

[Advanced 5G Wi-Fi transmission]: 5G FPV WiFi transmission has built-in dual scientifically arranged transmitting antennas, providing you with a clear and smooth live video broadcast up to 2,600 feet.
[GPS assisted flight]: GPS precise positioning, Follow Me function allows the drone to follow you at all times and capture every wonderful action. The drone can hover stably and return home automatically and accurately when the battery is low or the signal is lost
[120° FOV 4K HD camera]: 120° FOV 90° adjustable angle 4K FHD lens, 2048*1080P resolution real-time video stream, see the world through the drone perspective
[Follow mode]: Follow mode frees your hands, automatically follows the location of the phone, captures you anytime and anywhere, provides hands-free flight, and makes unique shooting easier
[All-round functions]: Including Selfie/gesture mode, GPS, headless mode, automatic hovering, first-person view, one-button take-off and landing/automatic return, custom flight path, points of interest, fail-safe return, 3D view mode. Very suitable for beginners, it is super fun to play!

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XZRUK Drone with Camera GPS Drone with 4K Camera, Brushless Motor 5G WiFi Transmission FPV Live Video Drone, RC Quadcopter with Auto Return Home, Follow Me, Waypoints, Circle Fly, for Adults and B


Price: $1,443.62
(as of Feb 28,2022 12:58:49 UTC – Details)

4K UHD Camera and Enhanced Configuration: The drone’s professional 4K UHD camera allows you to capture clearer images from different angles by adjusting the camera lens up and down. The improved 5G WiFi transmission guarantees the smooth display of real-time images via the app. The advanced brushless motor has a quiet, long life of the drone and provides image stabilization.
Smart GPS Return: Using GPS positioning, the drone will automatically fly back to the starting points when the drone has lost the signal or the battery is low or when you press Return to Hone. Even if the drone flies to a place where the GPS signal is weak, the drone will automatically switch to setting mode to maintain a certain altitude, keep an eye on the drone and never lose your drone.
Unusual flight mode and more fun: The intelligent It GPS drone is equipped with an interesting and extended flight mode, e.g. B. Point of Interest (POI), waypoints and gestures for photos / videos. You can estimate points of interest in a comprehensive and authentic proximity, plan a flight route according to your wishes or record wonderful moments with a gesture. Free your hands and start your adventure whenever and wherever.
Safe and easy operation: The optical flow positioning of the drone ensures a more precise position and a more stable flight even on windy days. The implanted electric fence ensures a safe landing of the drone. In addition, functions such as start / stop with one button, headless mode, emergency stop, altitude stop, so that even beginners can start quickly.
High quality service: It offers you high quality service. If you have any questions after receiving the goods, please contact us in good time. We will reply you within 24 hours.

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SPLD Mini 5G WiFi FPV Quadcopter with Brushless Motor, GPS Drones with 6K Camera, RC Quadcopter with 2-ax(Outdoor Drone)


Price: $1,444.36
(as of Feb 28,2022 11:14:26 UTC – Details)

【3 repositioning function】drone is equipped with 3 repositioning (GPS positioning, optical flow positioning, air pressure stabilization), and automatically records the starting position before take-off. When it needs to return to home automatically,
【Brushless motor, 7-level wind resistance】drone with Brushless motor uses 4 high-efficiency and powerful brushless motors, and at the same time, it is equipped with a new type of blade design to further improve aerodynamic efficiency. The wind resist
【Flight distance + transmission signal】drone with 6K HD camera can fly up to 2000m, which is far enough to capture everything beautifully. 6K HD camera makes your pixels clearer, 5G HD transmission function, equipped with 5G High-definition frequency
【drone camera】drone with 6K high-definition camera + ESC steering gear + shock-absorbing pan/tilt, using more anti-shake shock-absorbing pan/tilt, with remote-controlled ESC camera and GPS positioning system, 6K movie-level images The system is enoug
【Battery power】drone is equipped with an 11.1V4000 mAh battery, the flight time reaches 25 minutes, and it is equipped with a spare battery to double your flight time, up to 50 minutes, and 50 minutes of time, allowing you to create More high-quality

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