Day: February 18, 2022

110V Superimposed Portable Power Station 2 ×1075.2WH 336000mah Backup Lithium Battery, Emergency Solar Generator Energy Storage Power Supply for Small Office, Home, RV, Yacht, Outdoor

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Price: $3,420.22
(as of Feb 18,2022 22:27:27 UTC – Details)

2*1075.2WH AC INVERTER & 336000mah HUGE CAPACITY:Separated and independently mainframe and battery?four AC outputs, two PD65W, two QC3.0USB outputs,with UPS (uninterruptible power supply)function. Large display screen of the host panel displays, three buttons control power on and DC and AC input and output.
ONE POWER GENERATOR FOR ALL YOUR DEVICES:One mains input,one solar input and one car charging input on the input interface on the host, with router function. It can be connected to a computer or mobile phone APP for remote control and unified management, and can also be connected to a big data system.
EXPAND THE CAPACITY INDEFINITELY:When the host box is connected to the battery box, there is no need to consider whether the battery voltage is consistent or not. No quantity limited with the batteries incorporated , and you can combine as many as you want, and expand the capacity indefinitely. All battery boxs are fully charged in 6-8 hours at the same time.
SO QUIET, EFFICIENT POWER:Rest assured that your portable battery will not disturb you or your loved ones, since it utilizes a built-in power inverter and runs quietly. It can be recharged via supported solar panels (Not included), car port, or AC wall outlets
ADVANCED BATTERY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM:Incorporated new batteries and old batteries can be used at the same time. When a group of batteries fails, the host can work normally without being affected at all.Built-in structure, anti-misassembly design, busbar connection, glue cap fixed, and assembly and disassembly can be completed without any tools.

EF ECOFLOW DELTA Max (2000) Solar Generator with DELTA Max Smart Extra Battery, Expand DELTA Max (2000) to 4032Wh, Portable Power Station for Home Backup Emergency Power Outage Off-grid Outdoor Camping

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Price: $3,599.00
(as of Feb 18,2022 20:52:08 UTC – Details)

【Huge Expandable Capacity】 – Expand DELTA Max(2000)’s capacity to 4032Wh with A DELTA Max Smart Extra Battery, giving you more backup power during emergencies.
【Power Pretty Much Anything】- DELTA Max 2400W output to power up to 15 devices at once. Power 3400W appliances with X-Boost on. Ideal power generator for backup power.
【Multiple Charging Methods】- More than a solar generator. Charge with AC, solar, car or the EcoFlow Smart Generator. Charge to full in 1.8hrs via wall outlets. Use Dual Charging to combine AC with the Smart Generator for industry leading speeds.
【Charge Up In Less Than 2 Hours】 – Charge the DELTA Max battery power station and a Smart Extra Battery in less than 2 hours with 3400W charging speeds.
【What You Can Get】-1x DELTA Max(2000) and all its accessories; 1x DELTA Max Smart Extra Battery and all its accessories.

EF ECOFLOW DELTA Pro Portable Home Battery, Expandable Portable Power Station, 3.6kWh-25kWh, Huge 3600W AC Output, Solar Generator For Home Backup, Travel, Outdoor Camping

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Price: $3,599.00
(as of Feb 18,2022 20:52:07 UTC – Details)

[Huge Expandable Ecosystem] – Home battery that can expand capacity from 3.6kWh-25kWh with extra batteries, EcoFlow Smart Generators & the Smart Home Panel for backup power.
[Unparalleled 3600W Output] – A power generator for your appliances during a blackout. Power up 4500W devices with X-Boost. Enough for heaters or window AC units.
[5 Ways to Charge] – Pick from EV station charging, solar, wall outlets, using the Smart Outdoor Generator or via a car outlet. Combine methods to reach 6500W (with an extra battery). Faster than any other solar generator.
[EV Charging Portable Power Station] – Charge at over 35,000 level 2 EV stations across the U.S. Fast charge in under 1.7hrs.
[Long Lasting LFP Battery] – This battery power station sports an LFP battery. Get 6500+ full cycles to last for years. Ideal for outdoor camping & travel.
[What’s in the Box] – DELTA Pro solar power station, AC, Car, Solar charging cables, DC5521 to DC5525 cable, Handle Cover, DELTA Pro to Smart Generator Adapter, Manual).

Hysolis 3000W Portable Power Station, 4500Wh Lithium Battery Emergency Power Station, 3000W AC Inverter Generator, Outdoor Portable Generator, Portable Solar Generator for Solar Panels

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Price: $3,865.00
(as of Feb 18,2022 20:52:05 UTC – Details)

Big Power: 4,500 watt-hours lithium-ion battery storage (expandable). 3,000 watts continuous power output.
Ready to use: It gives you power at one touch of button.
3 Ways Recharge: Solar Charger, 12V Car Charger, 120VAC charger.
Uninterrupted Power: Supports auto transfer between the battery power and utility power.
Clean Power: Pure sine wave output gives clean and stable power. No noise, no fumes, no continuous cost.

5000W Emergency Solar Power Kit SES-3

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Price: $3,933.00
(as of Feb 18,2022 20:52:04 UTC – Details)

COVERS YOU WHEN IT’S REALLY NEEDED: AIP’s Emergency Power systems are meant for protracted power outages. They are not meant to support typical living standards. The use of high energy consumption devices such as microwaves will deplete battery storage and change the amount of energy available to run critical systems. The use of gas or other means to heat or cook food is advised.
KIT POWER CAPACITY: 4950 Max Watts/day with 3000 W Inverter ***26% ITC Qualified (residential)***r
AIP SES POWER SYSTEM – Can be used immediately – Provides battery storage – Provides 120VAC inverter – No licensed electrician required – No permitting required – Ready to Go: (Just Plug in Items you wish to Power) Units are shipped as ready to assemble kits with easy to follow instructions. The units may be assembled and used immediately and for extended periods or may be used in emergency conditions and stored when emergency is resolved.
IF THE POWER USAGE GUIDE IS FOLLOWED, there is sufficient power to operate and maintain a safe living environment without being cut off from the outside world or be without fresh food.
KIT POWER CAPACITY: (3) 330W Solar Panels (W /ground mount racking -ballast (weights to secure panels) Recommended) (2) UB121100 Deep Cycle Batteries (w/cables) ( l) Charge Controller ( l) 5000W Modified Sine Wave Inverter ( 12VDC in – 120VAC out) 50′ Cabling (Solar Panels to Charge Controller) 8′ Cabling (Charge Controller to Batteries) Battery cabling for series connection and inverter Complete instruction/connection diagram

BLUETTI Power Station EP500, 5100Wh LiFePO4 Battery Backup, 2000W Solar Generator, 1200W Max Solar Input w/ 4 AC Outlets (4800W Peak), In/Off-Grid Seamless UPS for Home Use, Black Out Emergency

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Price: $3,999.00
(as of Feb 18,2022 20:52:03 UTC – Details)

[Massive Capacity] – EP500 carries 5100Wh capacity and a PSW 2000W inverter, which is safely and stably capable of powering most amazing devices.
[Uninterruptible Power] – BlUETTI’s advanced Split Phase Bonding, seamless 24/7 UPS technology, ideal backup battery for power outages with plug-and-play usability.
[Remote Control] – Built-in Bluetooth/WiFi module and BLUEETI APP combine into an efficient and convenient remote control system, enhancing the confidence of use.
[Morden Design] – Four movable wheels, smart touchscreen, pure appearance, port covers, the most decent and modern look in the power station industry.
[What You Get] – BLUETTI EP500 power station, AC charging cable, PV charging cable, User manual, 36-month warranty, and friendly customer service.

HAITOY Portable Power Station 4000W, Solar Generator 1886wh Pure Sine Wave Power Backup Lithium-ion Battery Solar Power System AC 110V 220V Output, for Outdoor RV/Van Camping

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Price: $4,152.04
(as of Feb 18,2022 20:52:02 UTC – Details)

⚡[Powerful and Portable Emergency Power Station]This Portable Power Station can provide a MAX output of 4000W, providing stable and fast power for your new digital cameras and laptops.The capacity is 1886wh, provides enough power to run essential devices for hours, depending on the actual output.
⚡[Green Solar Generator & 3 Charging Ways]The emergency charger is very easy to carry wherever you want to go. There are 3 flexible recharging ways with wall outlet, car charger, solar panels. And only takes 8 hours to get fully charged-that’s 46% fast than other charge ways. Without gasoline and toxic fumes, the camping power station works silent, clean, green and environment-friendly.
⚡[Compatible with 80% of Home Appliances]No worries 2 and business activities.
⚡[Multi-Protection Safe& Durable]The power source controls the voltage and temperature through BMS, that provides short-circuit, over-current, over-voltage, under-voltage,over-load and temperature protection to protect your devices.
⚡[Power Backup]We cannot predict what will happen tomorrow. Whether it is an earthquake, a tsunami or a hurricane, we is willing to provide power support in any emergency situations such as power cuts, power shortages, etc., if you have special needs, please let us know and we will be provide a free help within our capacity. We wish you all the best and stay safe, happy, healthy!

Generark Solar Generator For Homes: Portable Power Station Backup Battery & Solar Panel Power Generator. 1000W-2000W at 110V. Up To 7 Days of Emergency Power Supply. (3×6 (For 3-5 People Family))

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Price: $4,497.00
(as of Feb 18,2022 20:52:00 UTC – Details)

The Most Reliable Emergency Power Supply: Industry-leading safety and reliability designed with electric-vehicle-grade battery cells. Every unit undergoes 52 reliability and safety tests and is covered by a 5-year limited warranty.
Long-Lasting Capacity: Each portal power station has 1,002Wh (278,400mAh). Offers up to 7 days of power supply to your crucial devices and home appliances on a single charge.
Powerful Output: 3 AC outlets with the pure-sine wave, supporting 1000W rated power and 2000W surge power at 110V.
Wide-Range Compatibility: 2 USB-C outputs with PD 18W, 1 USB-A with 5V/2.4A, 1 USB-A with Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0, and 1 car outlet with 12V/10A.
Easy Recharge with Solar Power: Recharge from your car, AC outlet, or with the SolarPower ONE solar panel power generator. 30-second Hassle-Free Setup: Portable, light-weight foldable design with an adjustable kickstand. It takes 30 seconds or less to set up and is ready to provide eco-friendly power supply in any emergency situation.

Atsti 1500W Portable Power Station Solar Power Generators,1344Wh Backup Lithium Battery,110V Pure Sine Wave AC Outlet for Outdoors Camping Emergency

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Price: $4,614.40
(as of Feb 18,2022 20:51:58 UTC – Details)

★Massive Capacity of 1344WH:Packing with a larger capacity of 1344Wh and higher rated power of 1500W,this Lithium iron phosphate battery is the perfect choice of the portable power station for camping,tailgating,fishing,home use,and more.
★Multi Outputs,More Options:Featuring 2 x PURE SINE WAVE AC outlets,3 x 5V2.4A USB output,1 x 5V~20V Type-C input/output(maximum 60W),1 x 12V 10A cigarette lighter output(maximum 120W),12V~28V DC enter can power most of your outdoor/home appliances under 1500W.
★The product supports the simultaneous charging of power charging port and 60W PD port,One charging port takes about 8 hours to charge,and two-way fast charging takes 5.5 hours to charge (Tip:PD Flash Charging sets need to be purchased separately)
★The 60W PD fast charging scheme can charge most of the fast charging laptops,game books,game machines and mobile phones within 60W.60W PD 4 times faster than charging 18W
★External LED display,always know the working condition of power supply,Built in MPPT controller (Maximum Power Point Tracking)improves charging efficiency by 15%

MYWYBAO Portable Power Station adventurer 2000,2000Wh Backup Lithium Battery Power Multiple Devices, Solar Generator (Solar Panel Not Included) Backup Battery Pack Power Supply for CPAP Outdoor Advanture Load Trip Camping Emergency.Yellow

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Price: $4,999.00
(as of Feb 18,2022 20:51:57 UTC – Details)

【2000Wh PORTABLE POWER STATION】MYWUBAO adventurer 2000 Portable Power Station is equipped with large capacity, high performance 2000watt-hour lithium-ion battery pack. By applying pure sine wave inverter technology, surge protection and short circuit protection, it provides better protection to your devices.
【CONVENIENT MOVING】: This Portable Power Station sits on four high quality wheels for quiet and effortless rolling. The smooth sliding handle ensures excellent stability. Put it on the top for easy carrying.
【High Performance and Handy Power Source】MYWUBAO is a portable power station with 2000Wh,which to meet different kinds of electricity demands outdoor usage for home, travel, camping, backseat on long road trips.
【Enjoy Outdoor Activities】: Our generator has an easy-to-carry handle, convenient for camping, fishing, travelling, other outdoor activities and emergency usage. Eliminate your worry about no electricity in your devices and power outage at home.
【What You Get】: MYWUBAO 1000,AC Adapter*1 Cigarette Lighter*1 English Manual*1, our worry-free 12-month warranty, and friendly customer service.

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