Magic The Gathering Strixhaven Collector Booster Box | 12 Packs (180 Magic Cards)


    Price: $213.5 - $196.28
    (as of Jan 18,2022 00:49:52 UTC – Details)

    12 Strixhaven (STX) Magic: The Gathering Collector Boosters
    Shortcut to the coolest cards in Strixhaven
    Only Strixhaven boosters with Foil Etched cards and Extended-Art
    1 Foil Etched Japanese Alt-Art Mystical Archive card in every pack + up to 2 additional JP Alt-Art Traditional Foils
    Total of 3–4 Mystical Archive cards in a pack—2 Foil Etched in every pack
    Choose your college at the most prestigious university for magical learning in MTG’s Multiverse

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    Magic: The Gathering Innistrad: Crimson Vow Collector Booster Box | 12 Packs + 2 Dracula Box Toppers (182 Magic Cards)


    Price: $207.62.00 - $195.00
    (as of Jan 18,2022 00:49:52 UTC – Details)

    12 Innistrad: Crimson Vow MTG Collector Boosters
    2 foil Dracula Series box topper cards
    15 Magic cards + 1 foil token in each booster
    Total of 8 cards with special treatments in every pack—including 1–3 Dracula Series cards
    5 Rare and/or Mythic Rare cards per pack
    Return to the gothic horror plane of Innistrad for a sumptuous vampire wedding—as honored guest or delicious entrée

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    Magic The Gathering Core Set Land Station (400 Cards) , Black


    Price: $26.35
    (as of Jan 18,2022 00:49:52 UTC – Details)

    ALL THE MANA YOU NEED: This box includes 400 basic land cards from Core set 2020: 80 Plains (White), 80 Islands (Blue), 80 Swamps (Black), 80 Mountains (Red) and 80 Forests (Green).
    GET DECK BUILDING: Perfect to build and add new decks to your collection or organise draft or sealed events with friends.
    MAGIC BRANDED BOX: Use the box to store your Magic cards.

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