Price: $1,016.08
(as of May 06,2022 18:30:30 UTC – Details)

The cabinet is made of multi-material alloy steel, strong and delicate. The emergency lock module is separated from the mechanical application and does not directly touch the electromagnet module, which solves the problem that traditional safes cannot avoid technical opening.
More fingerprints can be stored at the same time, accurate identification can be realized, and it can be unlocked within 0.1 seconds, and the technology, identification security and accuracy are upgraded.
The full screen has no prying point 3D laser cutting, steel plate cutting, the accuracy is not more than 0.1MM, and the flat door is micro-seamed accurately, 360° without prying point.
The soft package process is made with special tools, after being glued and formed, it has the functions of shock absorption and moisture resistance. Whether it is jewelry, watches, or certificates, it can be taken care of in an all-round way, giving you a more intimate guard.
You can conveniently use the digital safe in your home, office or hotel, and you can also take your car or hotel with you during travel; it can be installed on the wall or floor.