GUONING-L Tool Lathe Accessories, Metal Lathe Wood Model Manufacturing Woodworking Lathe Mini Indexing Machine Drilling Accessories DIY Tools athe


    Price: $253.81
    (as of Aug 03,2022 22:33:26 UTC – Details)

    1. The materials that can be processed are very extensive, such as work wood, plywood, soft metal (aluminum, copper, etc.), engineering plastics, etc.
    2. The color of the machine tool is composed of red and black, and the T-slot is used for connection. The locking connection block is a “工”-shaped metal part.
    3. The operation is flexible, simple, can be converted into a hand drill or hand grinding, etc., tilt the slider, you can adjust the angle of the drill hole, with the use of indexing plate, can drill equally holes in the workpiece.
    4. All the threads have copper inserts, strong and durable.
    We hope that everyone will buy products that they are satisfied with. We guarantee the quality of our products, if you have any questions please feel free to contact us. We will reply to you within 24 hours.

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    XJJZS Manual Portable Wire Scrap Cable Stripping Machine Peeling Machines Stripper Can Connect Hand Drill Hand Tool for 1-30mm (Color : A)


    Price: $253.97
    (as of Aug 03,2022 21:22:45 UTC – Details)

    Easy wire stripping with external hand crank, providing a better cutting experience.
    After being driven by an external hand drill, it can be changed to an electric wire stripping machine to increase wire stripping capacity.
    The cutter holder swings back and forth, and the user-friendly design of the cutter holder can be tilted, making it more convenient to feed in each time.
    The splint is fixed with screws, fixed on the corner of the table, or it can be fixed with perforated screws, which is more stable.
    High-speed steel scoring cutter, HSS high-speed steel material is hard, the scoring cutter is not easy to wear during stripping operation.

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    TWDYC Adsorption Clip-on Plier 360 Degree Vice Vise for Electric Drill Stent Bench Screw Clamp Grinder Tool


    Price: $254.28
    (as of Aug 03,2022 18:21:48 UTC – Details)

    The bench vise can rotate 360.
    With protection rubber mat, effectively protect the grinding component.
    Easy to operate, convenient to use.
    For fixing round workpiece or electric drill when engraving.
    Use this electric drill stent for clamping electric grinding.

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    SISHUINIANHUA 21V Two Battery 6-Inch Electric Pruning Saw Rechargeable Small Wood Spliting Chainsaw One-Handed Woodworking Tool for Garden


    Price: $254.34
    (as of Aug 03,2022 16:48:33 UTC – Details)

    Compare with other type of chainsaw, this chainsaw is proper size and also light, so you can hold and use it more easily, which can be used for more people.
    Ergonomic handle design, one hand use, long time griping will not tired hands.
    Cordless design, lightweight and portable, easy to carry out and saw the wood.
    The sawchain has been deep quenching by high temperature, with sharping sawteeth, more wear-resistant, smooth cutting.
    With high working efficiency, high positioning accuracy, low noise, which can give you a better using experience.

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    1PC 12-32MM High Speed Steel Twist Drill Bit Long Four-slot Four-blade Woodworking tools Drill Bit Hole Opener saw by YESZWE SYORE (Hole Diameter : 18PCS(10-35mm))


    Price: $254.48
    (as of Aug 03,2022 15:22:07 UTC – Details)

    Quick effcient drilling of wood based materials with faster chip ejection. Screw thread centre point and self feed clean entrance hole. Hardened Carbon steel for long life.
    Twist Drill Bit for Wood 6.35mm Hex Shank Auger Drill Bit 4 Flutes Hole Cutter Gun Drill Bit
    Cutting Dia: 10mm 12mm 14mm 16mm 18mm 19mm 20mm 22mm 25mm 28mm 30mm 32mm 35mm
    Shank: 6.35mm(1/4”)
    Overall Length: 160mm

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    tools & home improvement Electric Wrench, One Machine Woodworking Scaffolding Auto Repair Special, Lithium Battery Charging Impact Socket Wrench Household tools


    Price: $254.63
    (as of Aug 03,2022 14:09:30 UTC – Details)

    Infinitely variable speed switch, positive and negative.
    Two-speed adjustment button for easy switching.
    The battery quick release button is easy to operate.
    Fast charging charging device design.

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    Sturdy Woodworking Precision Miter Gauge and Box Joint Jig Kit with Adjustable Flip Stop Table Saw Router DIY Tool (Color : Set 2)


    Price: $254.71
    (as of Aug 03,2022 12:50:38 UTC – Details)

    A miter gauge consists of a long thin guide, which rides in the miter slot of your table saw (some band saws also have miter slots), and guides the miter gauge parallel to the blade.
    Attached to this guide is a half-moon shaped piece that pivots on its connection point to the guide.
    A locking mechanism then allows this pivoting section to be locked into any angle.
    A board is placed against the flat section of the gauge and the entire assembly (miter gauge and board) is slid forward, allowing the saw blade to cut the end of the board at the prescribed angle.
    Use tools to make work easier

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    SH-CHEN Lathe Accessories Electrical Tools, 150W DC 12V-24V Mini Wood Lathe Bead Cutting Drill Polishing DIY Woodworking Machine Set Lathe Replacement Parts


    Price: $254.74
    (as of Aug 03,2022 11:31:13 UTC – Details)

    1 Shield design, super convection cooling holes for better heat dissipation
    2 high quality all steel thick material board
    3 full shrink tube joints bonding wire wrap
    4 super large torque 150w bearing motor
    If our products have any problems, we can provide replacement / Return Service, welcome to contact us anytime!

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